Frequently Asked Questions

Who is My Amazing TV

We are group of people who want to bring you the best alternative TV possible, so you don’t have to pay through the nose to enjoy TV.


What are you offering me?

A service that allows you to lower your cable package to just your ‘Must Have Channels’ and for a low monthly cost you get a wide choice of network, non-network channels, Live Sports VOD that would normally sky rocket your tv bill.

Why should I care?

We don’t believe you should be paying such outrageous prices for TV, we want to you to have the best tv at an affordable and reasonable price.

Does IPTV replace cable?

IPTV is not a replacement for cable, it is an addition to cable, gives you all the choices of channels you want without the high price tag cable will charge you.

What are Must Have channels?

Simply put, think of a list of channels that you cannot live without, they are the ones that you want every time you turn the tv on. These are the channels keep with your cable package.

What kind of choices does IPTV give me?

One of the most alluring things about IPTV is the amount of choices you have, 300+ Network and non network channels, movie channels, live sports & 1000’s of streaming movies & top tv shows.

Should I just cut the cable get IPTV?

This is your call, what we suggest you do is reduce your cable to bare minimum, use IPTV for your extra channels and streaming for a few months and then decide if cutting the cable is a viable choice after you have used IPTV for a while, remember you can always keep both!

Is IPTV reliable?

IPTV reliability is perfect for the channels you can live without, rare occasions it does go down or may not be absolutely perfect now and then. There are always tons of other choices to watch when that happens.

What if IPTV was to go down?

You still have your cable package to fall back on, IPTV has been around since 2002 and is normally back up in an hour or two.

What about Sports?

– Great to watch other games while watching the big game on cable
– Large choice of sporting events
– Get the blacked out games.

What about Live Events

Yes IPTV gives you the live events and for the most part is quite reliable; please remember it may go down so if you ‘Must’ watch it then it is best to watch it through your cable company.

What about support?

Support is done through email for free please allow 24 to 48 hours for us to contact you as we may be quite busy.

We do provide phone support and remote services at a nominal cost.

For in shop you will need to book an appointment and there will be a nominal cost for any in shop work.

Why do I have to pay for IPTV?

We consider it a donation for all the hard work and resources that it takes to bring you this service for such a low cost, honestly, we make probably enough to pay the bills and keep our mascot Lily in treats.

Who is your mascot Lily?

Lily is a very friendly social 2 ½ year old dog that resides in the Welland office, She is our hostess that greets you with a wag of the tail and a few barks, yes she loves to talk and get petted.

Do you provide or host the content?

Our IPTV service is a list streaming transport service with media originating from external websites and internet sources.  My Amazing TV  does not host, provide, archive, store or distribute media of any kind and acts merely as an index of media posted by enthusiasts of the Internet of which is completely outside our control.

What about refunds?

Refund Policy   •All sales are final! •No refunds! •No exceptions!   Due to the uncertain nature of the IPTV industry, we or any other IPTV provider can guarantee the 100% uptime, consistent, uninterrupted service and/or even the continued operation any IPTV service.